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Cindy has a significant reputation as a highly compelling and inspirational speaker at events and conferences all around the world. Cindy’s 30 years of experience in brand building, marketing and entrepreneurialism, combined with a razor-sharp analytical mind, wide-ranging business experience, future-forward approach to technology, a compellingly charismatic presence and a uniquely inspirational approach, equip her perfectly to address the theme of leadership and inventing the future across a range of business sectors.

Cindy specifically tailors and customizes her approach to each speaking engagement to ensure that she delivers against desired audience and business outcomes. Tell her what you want the audience to leave thinking, feeling and doing and she will customize and craft a talk, or deliver a fireside chat or an interactive Q&A session designed to achieve precisely that outcome.

For remote sessions in the time of COVID, Cindy comes across compellingly and inspirationally through the screen, and tailors her talks to be surprising and refreshing — no matter how Zoomed-out the audience may be.

To inquire about Cindy’s availability and to customize the perfect presentation topic to fit your event and audience, please contact: Robinson Speakers Bureau by phone at +1 646-504-9849, or by email at [email protected].

"I guarantee that, whatever your speaking/business needs/brief, I can craft and shape a presentation that will delight your audience, identify inspirational opportunities for the future, and ensure that none of you ever look at your business in the same way again."

- Cindy Gallop

Regularly rated and scored as the best speaker overall at the conferences where she presents, Cindy's keynote topics include the following.

Keynote / Lecture / Workshop Topics

  • Brand and Business Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Inventing the Future
  • Branding / Brand Building
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Social Responsibility
  • Gender Equality
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Sex Education
  • Sextech

Tweets & Praise

  • "The most brilliant speech on the future of advertising ever - not the usual buzzword-laden bullshit."

  • "When Cindy Gallop blows your mind... a masterclass in personal branding, blowing shit up and making sure your voice is heard."

  • "Cindy is bubbling with positive energy, vitality and inspirational ideas. Being a long-term DLD speaker, we highly appreciate her infinite entrepreneurial spirit and love how she rocks the stage every time. Besides, her social media expertise and reach on Twitter and Facebook is phenomenal." - Cathhrin Mittermeier

  • "I am an African-American female executive who has worked in my industry for 30 years. I absolutely LOVED your Zeitguide session.  The best compliment I can offer is that you gave me hope, and I was inspired because of it."

  • "Cindy Gallop is the truth Jack Nicholson told Tom Cruise he couldn't handle." - Pardeep Sall, InfluencerCon NYC

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