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I consult for any brand, company or organization that wants to reinvent, or invent, its future. My consulting work is frequently confidential, especially in the innovation area, where I work with companies to invent future for brand and product launches that are some years out.

An example of my perspective on reinventing an industry to succeed through the pandemic is my Business Of Fashion interview with Imran Amed: 'The State of Fashion 2020: Beyond Coronavirus’

James Clear cited me in his 3-2-1 newsletter...

Entrepreneur Cindy Gallop on how to build a successful business: “There is a formula for success in business, and it goes like this: You set out to find the very best talent in the marketplace, and then give them a compelling and inspirational vision of what you want them to achieve for you and the company. Then you empower them to achieve those goals using their own skills and talents in any way they choose. If, at the same time, you demonstrate how enormously you value them, not just through compensation, but also verbally, every single day, and if you enable that talent to share in the profit that they help create for you, you’ll be successful. It’s so simple, and virtually nobody does it, because it requires a high-trust working environment, and most business environments are low-trust. In order to own the future of your business, you have to design it around trust.”

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, I am not an unconscious bias trainer or D&I coach. I am a business strategist who works with clients and companies to advise on how to re-consider, re-engineer and implement working processes to make business operations fully diverse and inclusive, in a way that integrates equality, diversity and inclusion into the business as key drivers of future growth and profitability.

You can get a sense of my approach in my 15-minute 3PercentConference session on ‘How To End Racism NOW In The Corporate World’

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