I like to blow shit up.
I am the Michael Bay of business.

Hi - I'm Cindy. I'm a brand and business innovator, consultant, coach and keynote speaker, available to work with anybody who wants to change the game in their particular sector. Come to me for radical, innovative, groundbreaking, transformative - I don't do status quo. That's why I sum up my approach as, "I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business." I can help you own the future as the leader you want to be, the business you want to be, the gender-equal, diverse, inclusive workplace you want to be. Let's talk.

Cindy Gallop

Has the pandemic killed your business model? I’ll help you design a new one. Need to reposition your business brand – or your personal one? I’ll capture your essence in a punchy, compelling soundbite and strategic vision that elevates you above the competition. Want to end racism in your company? I help you re-engineer your working processes to integrate equality, diversity and inclusion as key drivers of growth, profitability and better business outcomes. Need a remote speaker or workshop leader who can inspire, motivate and compel to action through the screen? I craft and customize every talk to deliver what you want the audience to leave feeling, thinking and, importantly, DOING.